The Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) celebrated its 34th anniversary celebration last 17 March 2016 at New World Makati Hotel. With the theme “Going Global: Increasing International Partnerships in Research and Innovation for Health”, this event highlighted not just the accomplishments of the council but also the globalization and innovation of health research in the country. This also became a venue for the stakeholders to strengthen its international and national research collaborations.

The exhibits in the event featured the technologies and services that the council supported that benefited the stakeholders. These technologies were namely: eHATID, RxBox, Axis Knee System and Biotek-M while the services were Dengue Vector Surveillance Website, Philippine Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL), Philippine Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) Program, and Philippine Health Research Registry (PHRR). “These [technologies and services] are testaments that the Council has continued directing programs and advocacies for stronger health research culture in the country,” Dr. Montoya, Executive Director of the council emphasized.

Apart from the exhibits, activities were also laid down which includes a panel discussion on “International Partnerships: Learnings, Best Practices and the Way Forward,” signing of memorandum of understanding between DOST and DOH on Health Regulations for Biomedical Devices and Equipment and parallel sessions on topics about Dengue, Biomedical Devices and DOST Intellectual Property Policies were tackled.

The event was attended by stakeholders both from government agencies and private institutions. It was participated by Dr. Warlito C. Vicente, Regional Health Research and Development Consortium XI (RHRDC XI) Chairperson and Dr. Anthony C. Sales, Regional Director of DOST XI and Vice Chair RHRDC XI.

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The two-day Writeshop on Policy Briefs headed in collaboration of Human Resource and Development Committee (HRDC) and Research Information and Utilization Committee (RIUC) of Regional Health Research and Development Consortium XI (RHRDC XI) was held at the Green Banana Business Hotel, Davao City. This is in line with the consortium’s thrust to utilize the health related research outputs in the region and reach its target stakeholders.

The activity was formally opened by Dr. Warlito Vicente, RHRDC XI Chairperson, were he said that researches should not be left in the bookshelves only to accumulate dusts. He pointed out that these researches can give a greater impact to the society if only it can reach the policy makers.

Before the start of the training workshop, Director Romeo M. Montenegro of Mindanao Development Authority’s (MinDA) Investment Promotions and Public Affairs Office gave an informative discussion with the participants regarding the policy making process in the government. He stressed out that it is very important to have a supportive policy maker who will present the policy briefs and its recommendations to its co-policy makers.

This was followed by the training proper facilitated by Dr. Ronald V. Amorado. Dr. Amorado introduce to the participants the importance of policy briefs and its structure. He pointed out that policy briefs are mainly the non-technical counterpart of a research output without sacrificing the information it have.

The two-day writeshop ended with researchers producing 11 policy briefs from their completed researches. This was then presented to the panelists Dr. Amorado and Ms. Ludivina Porticos, Science Resource Center Director of UIC who acted as policy-makers in evaluating the structure and content of their outputs.

The RHRDC XI is planning to initiate a venue wherein researchers will eventually be given a chance to present their outputs to policy-making councils in the city.

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