The Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) of the Department of Science and Technology is now calling for undergraduate thesis on herbal medicine for the 2012 DOST-PCHRD Gruppo Medica Award.


The DOST-PCHRD Gruppo Medica Award gives recognition to relevant and innovative research work on herbal medicine undertaken by undergraduate students. The Award emphasizes research that can lead to practical and/or commercial applications. The Award expects to provide the motivation for students with the technical guidance of their faculty advisers, to view undergraduate thesis not merely as an academic exercise, but as an excellent opportunity to contribute to national interests.

Nomination Procedure

1. Who can participate

The Award is open to all undergraduate students of Colleges of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Arts and Sciences who have completed thesis projects on medicinal plants. The projects must be completed within the current school year.

2. Who can nominate

Nominations must be made by the students' faculty adviser and should be endorsed to PCHRD by the College Dean. Each school/college can endorse a maximum of three (3) thesis projects.

3. How to nominate

Nominations should be made in a prescribed nomination form (see downloads section). A copy of the completed thesis report should be submitted together with the nomination form. The form must be stamped with the college seal.

Selection Criteria

The criteria for the selection include the following:

1. Relevance (20%)

  • Addresses a nationwide health problem or top 10 causes of morbidity or mortality
  • Scientifically validates that the plant drug material is effective and safe to use
  • Adds information to what is already known in the literature
  • Contributes to the promotion of proper and wide use of Philippine medicinal plants

2. Potential for practical application or commercialization of results (30%)

  • The herbal medicine is less costly than commercial preparations. Projected cost of the drug product is competitive with available drug in the market
  • Commercial use of the plant material will not contribute to the destruction of the plant and is environmentally friendly
  • Plant material is readily available and easy to propagate
  • Results of the study showed continuity of previous researches such that practical application is evaluated further
  • Research has the potential for present and future utilization by health service

3. Creativity and originality of research work (20%)

  • The research process design is new and innovative
  • A new and effective drug product is reported
  • A novel bioactive plant constituent has been identified chemically and pharmacology
  • A novel use of the plant material is advanced

4. Scientific quality (30%)

  • Experimental design is scientifically sound and valid for the objectives formulated
  • Presentation of results is clear and concise
  • Review of literature is extensive and updated
  • Report is well-written and convincing

Timetable of Activities

Dissemination - March to April

Deadline of submission to PCHRD - April 20, 2012

Screening - May

Presentation of Finalists to the Committee and final deliberation - June

Announcement of winners - August

Cut-off Points for the Award

First Prize - 90 and above

Second Prize - 85 - 89.99

Third Prize - 80 - 84.99

Cash Award

The cash award will be divided into three levels:

First Prize - P 60,000 = P 42,000 for the student, 12,000 for the mentor and 6,000 for the school

Second Prize - P 40,000 = P 28,000 for the student, 8,000 for the mentor and 4,000 for the school

Third Prize - P 20,000 = P 14,000 for the student, 4,000 for the mentor and 2,000 for the school

Each awardee will also receive a certificate of merit and recognition.

The Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) is pleased to announce the call for nominations for 2011 Outstanding Health Research Award.The award is given in two (2) categories: biomedical research and health services research.



The Outstanding Health Research Award (OHRA) encourages researchers to be sensitive to the scientific and technological requirements of the health delivery system and rewards those whose research efforts are relevant to prevalent health problems.

The award gives recognition to the work of an individual or study group who has been able to demonstrate the link between research and practice through the absorption or utilization of his/her research project in the health delivery system.



1. Who can be nominated

All Filipino health researchers, working individually or in groups, can be considered as candidates for the  award. Work in either biomedical research or health services research may be considered. 

2. Who can nominate

Nominations may be made by individuals, scientific, technological and professional societies or associations, research institutes and universities and colleges. However, self-nomination is not allowed.

3. How to nominate

Nominations should be made on the prescribed nomination form. Each nomination should include ALL of the following:

a. one copy of each of the technical reports/and publications of the completed projects      leading to the technology;

b. write-up on the impact of the project on health delivery highlighting how the results          were utilized and the benefits derived from their utilization; and

c. statement from the technology user(s) describing the contribution of the technology in      improving health delivery.

4. Where to send nominations

a. Nominations should be submitted to:

Office of the Executive Director
Philippine Council for Health Research
and Development (PCHRD)
3/F DOST Administration Building,
Gen. Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City
Tel. No. (02) 837-75-37/837-75-34

b. Nominations should reach PCHRD not later than NOVEMBER 15, 2011.



A. Criteria for Selection

1. Extent of Impact on Health/Quality of Life (30%)

  • Contributes to the promotion of the well-being of a greater section of the population
  • Provides long-term solution to health problems affecting majority of the population
  • Short gestation period for timely application of results

2. Economic Benefits (30%)

  • Results to savings accruing from import substitution and reduced health care cost
  • Have the potential for export
  • Increases productivity
  • Better allocation/application of health resources is achieved

3. S & T Benefits (40%)

  • Improves knowledge and/or resolves issues on health problems
  • Serves as stepping stone for other areas of investigation

B. Procedure for Selection

1. Nominations for the Award will be considered by a screening committee composed of distinguished scientists and health practitioners appointed by the PCHRD           Governing Council.

2. The Screening Committee can undertake visits or interview nominees or other concerned individuals to validate statements made in the nomination form.

3. The decision of the Screening Committee will be final.



The award will consist of a cash prize of P500,000.00 and a trophy for each of the biomedical research category and health systems research category.

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