With the theme “Achieving Health-related Sustainable Development Goals through Research and Innovation”, the Philippine National Health Research System celebrated a week-long annual activity on August 13 to 16, 2019 at the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro City. The theme of the PNHRS Week is part of the contribution of a bigger spectrum which is achieving the health-related sustainable development goals (SDGs) by the year 2030. One of the sessions of the PNHRS Week is the inter-regional consortium contest for poster and oral research both for Student and Graduate categories.

Davao Region takes pride that amongst the research contests and categories, four entries from last year’s winners during the Regional Health Research and Development Consortium XI (RHRDC XI) Expo were shortlisted. Two of the shortlisted researches won 1st Prize during the contest. The research entitled “Utilization of Mango Seed Kernel for the Development of Antimicrobial Films” presented by Ms. Mary Grace L. Alimpolos from the University of the Philippines Mindanao won the 1st place under the Student Category for Oral Presentation. Her study is about the use of mango starch from mango seed kernels, a common waste from a mango processing plant. With the addition of carrageenan and carvacrol, a biodegradable packaging material that inhibits the growth of Escherichia coli was produced.

The research of the group of  Ms. Via Angela Bulangis from the University of the Immaculate Conception entitled “Isolation, Characterization, and In-Vitro HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitory Activity of Pectin Powder from the Peel of Calamansi” won the 1st place under the Student Category for Poster Exhibit. The study is about the usage of pectin powder isolated from the peel of Calamasi and determination of its 3 hydroxy-3-methyl-glutaryl-coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase inhibitory activity. 

Two young researchers from the University of Immaculate Conception were also able to make it in the shortlisted entries represent the Region namely: Ms. Nelyn Cadotdot who presented the research entitled "Investigation of Possible Inhibitory Action of Philippine Crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis) Serum on HIV-1 infectivity in-vitro to and After Attachment to human Peripheral Blood mononuclear cells" under the Oral Presentation - Graduate category and Ms. Charity P. Redaniel who presented the research entitled "Evaluation of the Anti-inflammatory Potential of Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) and Pomelo (Citrus maxima) Leaf Extract through Lipoxygenase Inhibition with Emulsion-gel Preparation" under the Poster Exhibit - Graduate category

These awards only show that Davao Region continues to build its pool of experts through these young researchers. The consortium hopes that the present generation will continue to be champion in research dedicated to improving the health condition of the people.


Relevant and quality health research must originate from dedicated individuals who continue to improve the health condition in the region and in the nation. These researchers have continually contributed in building new knowledge, innovations and technologies through valuable health and health-related researches. In Davao Region, one of the activities of the Regional Health Research and Development Consortium XI (RHRDC XI) that strengthen and capacitate researchers in crafting quality research through the Mentorship Program. The Mentorship Program is an annual activity which aims to empower local researchers to further submit a full-blown proposal for possible funding and to produce future mentors in the region.

This year, eight scholars from different institutions with multidisciplinary background must undergo three modules to complete the Mentorship Program. The first module comprises lectures and workshop on the preparation and crafting of the introduction, objective of the proposal up to the review of related literature. RHRDC XI invited one of the most seasoned researchers in Davao Region who is currently the Director of Science Resource Center of the University of the Immaculate Conception, Ms. Ludivina M. Porticos, MS, MBA. Three days of workshop and one-on-one coaching transpired to polish the scholars research proposal. The output of the first module will be collected by RHRDC XI and will be forwarded to their chosen mentor for further recommendations.

RHRDC XI is true to its vision to be a self-sustaining nexus with individuals dedicated to improve the health conditions of the people in the region through relevant and quality health researches.


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