Two (2) representatives from RHRDC XI were sent to Cebu City on January 19-20, 2012 to attend the National Medical Writing and Review Workshop. The consortium was represented by Ms. Ludivina M. Porticos, Chairman of the Human Resource Development Committee and Dr. Melinda C. Tagle, Convenor of the Traditional Medicine Research Program of RHRDC XI.

The writing and review workshop was organized by the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) in collaboration with Philippine Association of Medical Journal Editors (PAMJE) and Asia Pacific Association of Medical Journal Editors (APAME). The speakers of the training were both local and international.

In his introduction, Prof. Jose F. Lapeña, Editor-in-Chief of the Philippine Journal of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and President of the Philippine Association of Medical Journal Editors (PAMJE) stressed that one of the reasons why scientific journal publishing is weak in the country is because the quality of the articles being submitted for publication does not meet the editorial standards of medical journals. The Nationa Medical Writing and Review Workshop was designed to help and guide health researchers in writing articles for medical journals.

Among the topics that were discussed during the workshop were basics of writing scientific articles, its principles and guidelines, effective presentation of statistical results, tables and illustrations, writing a case report and technical note. Participants were also taught on the roles and responsibilities of editors and reviewers, editorial office workflow, dealing with editor's and reviewer's comments, peer review processes, journal requirements, ethical guidelines in scientific writing and reporting and the criteria of case reports for medical journal publications.

The Regional Health Research and Development Consortium XI (RHRDC XI) is pleased to announce the following shortlisted proposals for 2012 funding:

1. Urine Output Increasing Activity of Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica ) in Pre Hypertensive Individuals (Marjorie Faye Nierra,, DMSFI)

2. Status of Private Midwives' Birthing Clinics in Davao City (Dr. Eden Wales,, CHD-Davao Region)

3. The Effect of Sechium edule Leaf Extract as an Adjunct Therapy in the Lowering of Uric Acid Levels in Allopurinol-treated Hyperuricemic Individuals (Marcus Albert P. Belen,, DMSFI)

4. A Clinical Trial on the Effects of Euphorbia hirta (Tawa-tawa) on the Hematologic Profiles of Patients with Dengue Fever (Edmar Aseberos,, DMSFI)

5. Phytochemical Screening, Safety and Efficacy Studies of Pure Citrofortunella microcrapa (Kalamansi) Fruit Extract (Soyuz Foods, Inc. & UIC)

6. The Efficacy of Moringa oleifera Seed Extract as an Adjunct Therapy to Simvastatin on the Serum Lipid Profile of Hyperlipidemic Patients Aged 40-60 in Barangay B-19, Davao City (Myles Clement Ababon,, DMSFI)

7. A Clinical Trial on the Efficacy of Lemongrass ( Cymbopogon citrates Stapf. ) on Diabetes Type II Patients (Chris Anthony G. Limen,, DMSFI)

8. A Database of the Antioxidant Potential  of Local Edible Medicinal Plants, Fruits, Vegetables and Spices (Dr. Dulce M. Flores, UPMin)

9. A Comparative Study on the Effect of Calabash ( Crescentia cujete ) Decoction and Metformin on the Blood Sugar Levels of Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients at Southern Philippines Medical Center (Marbella Loradel Calio,, DMSFI)

10. Ethnobotanical, Acute Toxicity and Phytochemical Screening of Mindanao Indigenous Plants (Sonia S. Morales,, UIC)

In addition to the ten (10) shortlisted proposals, two (2) capsule research proposals will be endorsed for funding to the Davao Region Industry Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development Consortium (DRIEERDC), a local R&D consortia under the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD):

1. Utilization of Pogostemon cablin Linne for the Propagation, Extraction, and Product Development of Patchouli oil (Donald A. Velasco, SPC and Sheldon Jay Silva - UIC)

2. Comparative Study on the Heavy Metal Levels and Microbial Load of Locally Manufactured and Imported Five Leading Food Supplement Capsules in Davao City (Marie Azeneth A. Josol, UIC)

A total of twenty-nine (29) capsule research proposals from the member institutions of the consortium were submitted in response to the Call for Proposal last August 2011. The preliminary screening of proposals was done by the members of the Executive Management Committee of RHRDC XI and representatives from the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD). Those shortlisted proposals will be advised to proceed to full blown proposal for ethical and technical review. 

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