The RHRDC XI is organized according to its current composition, pursuant to PCHRD Special Order No. 64, series of 2010, with its mandate to promote and coordinate health research activities in the region.


The main mandate of the RHRDC XI is to carry out the institution development program of the PCHRD by acting as promoter and coordinator of health research activities in the region. It also serves as liaison between the PCHRD and research institutions at the regional level.



The RHRDC XI will:

  1. Identify priority regional health problems which the region’s research will address;
  2. Identify and implement priority research programs and projects, with adherence to ethical standards;
  3. Develop and /or enhance health research capability, facilities and infrastructure;
  4. Establish a system of collaboration and resource sharing in undertaking health researches;
  5. Generate resources for health-related researches consistent with the national, Mindanao-wide and regional research agenda;
  6. Promote the utilization of health research findings;
  7. Serve as clearing house for all health-related researches; and
  8. Develop mechanisms and implement the same , to ensure long term viability of the consortium.



RHRDC XI envisions to  be the self-sustaining nexus of organizations and individuals dedicated to improve the health condition of the people in Region XI and Mindanao through relevant and quality health researches.


RHRDC-XI shall…

1. Institute mechanisms for partnership with research institutions and individuals in Region XI and Mindanao;

2. Empower research institutions and individuals through capacity building, resource sharing and mentoring;

3. Strengthen the research culture in region XI;

4. Produce credible and responsive health research output with optimal utilization in Region XI and Mindanao; and

5. Build new knowledge, innovations and technologies for health research.


In order to carry out the activities, RHRDC XI shall undertake the following strategic options:

  1. Research and Development
  2. Ethics and Review
  3. Human Resource and Development/ Capability
  4. Information and Utilization
  5. Resource Generation/ Mobilization
  6. Organizational Maintenance